In Nigeria, a piggy bank is popularly referred to as “kolo.” It is an ancient method of saving money that our forefathers used. With the modern-day developments and digitized methods of saving money, many people still love to save in a local piggy bank.

“Kolo Lagos” was birthed to keep the African culture alive and encourage both the kids and adults, to grow healthy saving habits by using a kolo. Instead of sticking to the traditional style, we have given piggybank in Nigeria a new look by adding vibrant colors, rich Afrocentric designs, the finest of art, and with a ‘Naija swag’.

So many parents ask, “when is the best time to teach my kid about money”?
The answer is NOW.

If you want your kids to properly manage their finances when they get older, it is best to teach them about money and financial literacy while they are young. Welcome to our Kolo Lagos Kiddies Hub where we teach kids how they can grow a healthy saving habit by our workshops, online seminars, and financial literacy boot camps.

Financial Literacy for kids requires time and patience. We are here to make that journey easy for you.

Come along with us for this fun ride.

Saving money is first a habit then a lifestyle
Handcrafted with love in Lagos, Nigeria.
Deeply rooted in our rich African culture, our skilled artisans carve each piggy bank out of the finest woods, and behind every art done by hand is a beautiful story; to give you an amazing experience from the beginning of your saving journey till the end.
Made from the Finest Wood
Our piggy banks are made from the best quality wood sourced in Nigeria. To give you the best experience, they are tested for moisture to keep your money fresh, clean, and in perfect condition.
Perfectly designed just for you
Made with you in mind, every piggy bank is designed to match your personality inspiring you to spend less, save more, and secure the life you love.